NORCO References & Resources

A catch-all list of resources/information/trivia/literature/inspiration/etc related to the game NORCO. Not all resources are directly referenced in the game, but may serve as a springboard into further research on the game's themes. This page will be updated as time allows.

Last update: March 3, 2023


A note on SNATCHER
While many games influenced the art, design, narrative, etc of NORCO, we owe our greatest debt to Hideo Kojima's SNATCHER. NORCO contains some small homages.


Industrial fencelines in South Louisiana have very fraught histories. Diamond, a neighborhood in Norco, is a good microcosm for understanding the phenomenon of the "extown" -- ie, industry moves in, and residents relocate for a variety of reasons (negative externalities, buyouts, etc). The following works served as reference and influence while writing the fictional story of "Dimes".

Christianity & Gnosticism

Anatomy of Oil