Developer: Geography of Robots
Release date: Spring/Summer 2020
Platforms: Windows, Mac, more TBA


Norco: Faraway Lights is a post-noir point-and-click adventure that immerses the player in the industrial swamplands of South Louisiana, with a gameplay style reminiscent of such classics as Snatcher and Rise of the Dragon, as well as more recent revivals such as Read Only Memories and VA-11 HALL-A.

Accompanied by a fugitive security cyborg that your mother harbored for almost a decade, you must venture into a conspiratorial underworld hidden throughout the swamps, refineries, and abandoned strip malls of suburban New Orleans to decipher the strange clues that point to your brother's whereabouts.

The opening act of the Norco trilogy. Approximate play time: 2 hours.


Norco: Faraway Lights is born out of a collaboration between developer and pixel artist Yutsi, and sound artist Gewgawly I. Previous collaborations include Swampstar and the original Norco demo.

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